The boss is often the primary reason why people love or leave their jobs. It was once said that the boss is an umbilical cord that connects employees to the organization, and if it becomes damaged, employees eventually leave. But what does really the employees look for a boss and what makes a great boss?

The boss that you can define as great has the trait of setting clear expectations. A great boss would sit down and discusses priorities with his employee, right from the beginning so that there is scope for the job given to the employee and setting limits for both employee and the boss. He also holds discussions regularly in regards to expectations that are met or not met and from that point on. An effective boss doesn’t tell her employees how to get the work done but instead, he talks about outcomes and results with them, and the employees from then on are entrusted to execute the details and the process in the way how they see themselves fit.

The position of being a boss of a company also meant leading lots of employees; it’s as if he views his position as both a leader and a coach to each and every employee. Someone who educates and encourages her employees, and leads his team by example. He should not assume that his employees know what to do and how to do it. He must be the one to coach on how to do things on the job. However, often a boss might be tempted to do all the job and the employee doesn’t learn a thing. So this is a win-win situation, he teaches an employee which it is under the scope of his job and the employee learns from it which he could use for his job. A great boss recognizes that success in coaching is found in the balance of control, just to be enough of a presence as a source of help, but not as to overshadow his employees.

Giving of feedback is a must for a great boss. It’s a means of building a relationship. There is a sense of conversation, of leadership, and of cooperation. Positive or negative it must converse with the employee so that the employee will know what and how to respond. Employees also need to feel appreciated; it is shown in research that human as we are, we thrive on being recognized. Nothing works like positive reinforcement, and a great boss is very aware of this.

An effective boss encourages her employees not to be scared of making mistakes along the way because it is really part of human’s nature. The mindset of a great boss must encourage his employees’ learnings, not one that instills the fear of making a mistake. Remember always that fear inhibits the growth of a person.

A great boss is straightforward but at the same time, sensitive. He must realize that communication is essential. If she sees a failing performance, he won’t take long to take it. He must be open to any circumstance but also voracious. She should not be threatened by her employees’ knowledge; rather, she encourages it.

Now, you just have read some of the qualifications a great boss must have. Is your boss a great one because he has more than three of these must have or does he needs more hard work to be called a great boss?

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