Sterling Merchant Finance is an investment banking firm which offers financial advisory services to governments, international organizations, and corporations in developing countries.

Their first-hand knowledge of developing markets enabled them to guide their clients toward success and viability in a broad range of industries including telecommunications, banking and financial services, transport, healthcare, mining, water and sanitation, agro-industries, oil, and gas.

They conduct regular reviews to help you ensure that your understanding of your financial needs and objectives continue to be appropriate over time, and remain consistent with your long-term strategy and needs.

The ongoing review process that they provide includes the opportunity to provide you with:

The updates on the economic and market environment, including any investment and legislative changes that may affect your strategy;

The reports on your investment portfolio including detailed exposure analysis, and income and valuation summaries;
The recommendations concerning changes to your strategy and/or investment portfolio to ensure we continue to meet your financial needs and objectives; and

The timely advice as required relating to your investments, taxation and compliance needs.

Sterling Merchant Finance assists its clients in realizing their external growth strategies through mergers and acquisitions and financial engineering. Our team has successfully helped businesses create long-term value for shareholders by devising specific tools taking into account the company and industry lifecycles, technical shifts, and regulatory shock. Sterling’s knowledge of emerging markets is crucial in advising our clients on the best methods to control shocks resulting from corporate change and maximize shareholder value.

Sterling Merchant Finance utilizes a combination of its industry-specific and transactional experience to work for clients. We have created a network of partnerships that enable us to generate mutually beneficial relationships between companies.

Choose the right, trust-worthy bank for the finances of your growing business, Sterling Merchant Finance is the one.

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