The refrigerant that has been used globally for decades in major appliances like refrigerators and freezers has been Freon. It is also known as R22. It was not known until the late 1970s that it was causing a problem with the ozone layer. When the ozone layer was first discovered, they determine that it was a kind of shield that would block unwanted radiation from reaching the surface. Satellites were soon able to determine that the ozone layer was becoming depleted, specifically over the South Pole. As a result of these findings, and subsequent research, it was determined that coolants like R22 were responsible for this problem. The millions upon millions of products that used Freon, once they started leaking this gas into the atmosphere, led to the destruction of the ozone layer.

How To Prevent This Problem?

Science then determine that the prevention of this problem could have occurred if chlorofluorocarbons had not been used as a coolant. It is the component called chlorine that is part of these gases that was leading to the breakdown of the ozone layer. The main concern was that, despite only being over Antarctica, it would subsequently lead to the demise of this entire layer of the atmosphere. That is why Freon has been removed from freezers, air conditioners, and other machines that are capable of lowering the temperature either in an enclosed space such as a freezer, or that which is blown out into a room with an air conditioning unit.

How Is Freon Replaced?

Freon can be replaced by using what is called an R22 drop in replacement refrigerant. This is a particular procedure, one that is implemented by those that are fully certified, to extract the Freon and replace it with a hydrofluorocarbons. There are quite a few of these out there. Some of the more well-known ones include RS-44, especially for drop-in replacements for Freon. There are companies that are likely in your city or town that will be able to handle this for you.

Is This Something Everyone Should Do?

If you do have one or more major appliances that have Freon, you should have one of these professionals remove it immediately. If it were to ever leak out, this could make the ozone layer even worse. Over the last few decades, it has gradually started to improve. Although there are large quantities of Antarctica that are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, very few people live there. To prevent it from expanding again, or even growing larger than it was before, you should consider having this Bluon Energy procedure done.

You can search for R22 drop in replacement refrigerator professionals, one of which will be able to come out immediately. Otherwise, you will set a time for them to come out to do this procedure to get rid of the Freon that is in these products that you own. By getting multiple quotes, you should be able to save money on this entire process. It is one that is going to help you save on your energy bill because of the higher levels of efficiency that hydrofluorocarbons can provide.

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